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“We consider the best way to encourage good standards of behaviour in school is a clear code of conduct backed by a balanced combination of rewards and punishments within a positive community atmosphere. Establishing a whole school behaviour policy is an important step in that direction.” p. 99 Elton


A calm, orderly environment is essential if children are to learn most effectively. It is the responsibility of the school to provide that environment in order that children and teachers can make the most use of lesson time for the real purpose of education.


It is, therefore, worthwhile spending time setting the ground rules and asserting the school’s code of conduct as a prerequisite to curriculum delivery. This document aims to provide the framework to enable an orderly environment to prevail and to allow members of the school community to concentrate upon its chief purpose.


It also recognises that within a climate of inclusion there will be children who need a personalised approach to their specific behavioural needs. In some cases, this will mean that the sanctions, stages and rewards are not the most appropriate means of dealing with their behaviour and other programmes of intervention and support may be used in conjunction with external agencies.


The importance of taking a multi-agency approach to behaviour management is central. Following the introduction of ‘Every Child Matters’ we as a school recognise the lead we may be required to take in consulting and communicating with other agencies.


Rewards and Behaviour


Rewards Available

  • House Points
  • Merit Stars (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond)
  • Headteacher’s Award
  • The ‘Woodville Star’
  • Stickers
  • Certificates
  • Prizes
  • The ‘Golden Book’
  • House Trophy
  • ‘Golden Time’


House Points

You have been put into one of our school houses, either Griffon, Olympus, Pegasus, Meteor, Merlin or Viper. You will be proud of your house and want it to be the best it can be. To help this happen you can now earn House Points, which are totalled weekly and announced in Celebration Assemblies. Each week the winning House is awarded the House Trophy.

House Points can be awarded in five different areas which support our school ethos: good work, effort and achievement, behaviour, values and contribution to the community. These House Points are recorded on individual Pupil Passports. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond Stars are awarded for 100 points each.


The expectation is that all children will receive a Bronze Star (100 points) during the year, most will receive Silver (200), many a Gold (300) and some a Diamond (400).

An Honours Board will display the names of children achieving Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond Badges.


Headteacher Award

Children are acknowledged for “over and above” effort or achievement with Headteacher’s Awards and ultimately the “Woodville Star” Badge (once ten Headteacher’s Awards have been gained). A Postcard is sent home to the child’s parents when they receive a Headteacher’s Award and their name is written in the Golden Book. Children gaining the prestigious Woodville Star will be invited, with their parents, for afternoon tea followed by a Celebration Assembly in which they will be presented with their Award.


Children can also gain special awards such as Star of the Week, Reader of the Week, Writer of the Week, Mathematician of the Week and Class of the Week. Children gaining these weekly awards will earn a certificate. Star of the Week will also be given medal to wear the following week in school. They will also earn a Star Token for their house which equates to 3 House Points. Awards are published on the school website and recorded in their individual Pupil Passport.

Children awarded with a termly Values Certificate will also earn 3 points for their House and Passport.