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Homework Guidance


Completing homework together as a family is an excellent opportunity to find out what your child has been learning at school and provides you with the tools to support, encourage and contribute to your child’s academic success.

Moreover, research has shown that children who complete homework regularly and have positive attitudes to learning at home make better progress than those that do not. By secondary school, the gains in progress can be as much as 5 months.


As a parent/carer we encourage you to:

  • Listen to and read to your child on a daily basis
  • Help your child learn their spellings/phonics
  • Spend time practising timestables with them
  • Complete weekly English and Mathematics activities.


For all the above, little and often is the key to success. To make it easier for families, all homework will now be online via Reading Eggs/Eggspress and Mathletics. Both of these programmes have a wealth of fun activities and games which support reading, spelling, phonics, timetables and the wider English/Mathematics curriculum.

Both programmes run on desktop computers/web browsers and have dedicated apps to use on Android and Apple tablets (please download from your device’s app store).

We recommend the following minimum participation:


Reading Eggs/Eggspress

Children progress at their own pace following teacher levelling with full access to free play.

Reception to Year 6 — complete at least one lesson per week (one step on the map)



Children complete tasks set by the class teacher to unlock free play.

Reception & Year 1 — 1 gold bar per week

Year 2 to Year 4 — 2 gold bars per week

Year 5 — 3 gold bars per week

Year 6 — 4 gold bars per week


We appreciate that not every family has internet access, therefore your child’s year group team will set-up a classroom with iPads one lunchtime each week.


We ask parents to record their child’s progress using a tracker sheet.