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Woodville CofE Junior School

Opening the door to life and learning

Our Curriculum

We are very proud of our curriculum at Woodville C.E. Junior school. We deliver exciting lessons that, when appropriate are linked to a half termly project or theme. The long term plan and termly 'Spotlight on the Curriculum' documents show how we use these projects to teach the majority of the National Curriculum subjects.

Long Term Plan 2021-22


Curriculum vision

We aim, through our broad and balanced curriculum, to develop a strong sense of purpose in learning and PERSEVERANCE to help them now and in the future. We believe in creating lasting memories for our pupils that allows them to experience the value of JOY, CREATIVITY and individuality. We encourage all pupils to discover their own interests and confidence through asking questions and developing their full potential. We explore our understanding of the world and make sure that everyone sees the links between what we do in school and how it impacts the wider world. Through our RESPECT for each other we enable the children to develop their COURAGE to do what is right.



Our Curriculum Intent


Opening the door to life and learning


At Woodville C E Junior School we promote a love of learning with God as our guide, in a place of respect, laughter and friendship, where everyone is valued, inspired and encouraged to reach their individual potential and ‘soar high on wings like eagles’. (Isaiah 40:31)




We immerse children in termly learning projects (TLP), which are designed to broaden their skills, knowledge and understanding, through a range of stimulating, challenging and memorable opportunities, encompassing each child’s individual skills and interests.


We believe that all of our children should be entitled to a breadth and balance of experience, knowledge, skills and understanding in all areas of the national curriculum and beyond, which is carefully structured to ensure it:


  • provides opportunities for skills to be developed independently, collaboratively and socially
  • fosters perseverance, enthusiasm, independence, curiosity and the sharing of personal experience
  • develops resilience, independence, responsibility and emotional intelligence
  • develops the child’s unique identity in a supportive, personalised environment
  • celebrates and promotes individual talents, interests and achievements
  • promotes understanding of diversity and global awareness
  • enriches each child’s experience at school through visits, visitors and outdoor learning opportunities
  • equips them with life-skills which they can adapt to the world of work, community and global citizenship
  • instils a strong understanding of British values
  • embed Christian values to help make positive contributions to society,





The STEM curriculum is made up of the following subjects: Mathematics, Science, Design and Technology.

The Staff and Governors leading this team are


Mr Goodridge

Ms Swinburn

Mrs Potter

Mrs Rowlands




Our HUMANITIES Curriculum is made up of the following subjects:

The Staff and Governor leading this team are:


Miss Wright

Miss Mossie

Mrs Foster

Mrs Lester

Miss Aullak


Supporting your child with their reading at home




Book Chat

Click below to read a document about what Book Chat involves and how to use it to support your child's reading.

Key phrases to use with your child:



Folllow the link below and scroll down the page to find videos of Book Chat in action:


Richard Charlesworth (Teacher) reads A House that Once Was by Julia Fogliano and illus. by Lane Smith for 7+


Professor Teresa Cremin (The Open University) reads The Same Inside Poems about Empathy and Friendship, by Liz Brownlee, Matt Goodfellow and Roger Stevens for 9+


Then have a go and try some of these ideas with your child. Enjoy reading together!



Our CREATIVE curriculum is made up of the following subjects:

The Staff and Governor leading this team are


Mrs Woollett

Mrs Haywood

Miss Moore




Our WELLBEING Curriculum is made up of the following subjects:

The Staff and Governor leading this team are


Mrs Hollis

Mrs Brown

Miss Moore

Mrs Robinson


Our curriculum will be enriched through:


  • Visits to museums, theatres, historical sites, religious buildings and other sites of interest linked to the TLPs.
  • Workshops delivered by visiting speakers and educational groups.
  • Strong parental partnership through home / school learning projects.
  • Structured programme of cultural and outdoor adventure residentials.
  • Specialist teachers to deliver a range of performing arts opportunities.
  • Partnership work with St Stephen’s church and Leicester Diocese.
  • Engagement with national events.
  • Whole school global environmental projects.
  • Enterprise, charity and community work.
  • Leadership responsibilities